NBMonitor Network Bandwidth Monitor


Track your bandwidth usage and data consumption


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NBMonitor Network Bandwidth Monitor is a tool that you can use to view your PC's traffic and bandwidth usage so that you can keep track of how much data you are using over a given amount of time.

You can also view the active connections that you have running at a specific moment, as well as the volume of traffic that they are producing. This combines into an exhaustive analysis of total bandwidth consumption, helping you to establish a limit when it comes to uploading and downloading files.

NBMonitor Network Bandwidth Monitor can perform tons of different tasks, including monitoring your local network/Internet bandwidth use and the use of network traffic in real time, producing reports about these analyses, supervising and analyzing the consumption produced by network traffic, and exporting your activity in XML format, to name just a few examples.

Now you can scan all of the computers that you need to manage in a stable, convenient, and effective manner.

15-day trial.

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